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General Meeting Basics (starts at 6:30pm) Main Presentation
January 10, 2018
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OEM Builds with SAMBA and SKEL
by Stan Reichardt
Mirroring Installation Server
by Joeseph (Joe B) Bohnenstiehl
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General Elections in February 2018
Members that had attended two or more of any of our sponsored meetings (includes the general meeting, steering committee and Special Interest Groups) during the 2017 calendar year are eligible to vote for the Board members and nominate Officers that run our organization. Ballots will be available at every SLUUG sponsored meeting through out the month of February. Eligible members unable to attend can mail in an absentee ballot to address shown at top of ballot.

There are two seats up for election to our 5 member board. They are for a 3 year term. Our Officers are then appointed by the board; but, we traditionally include an advisory vote on the ballot adding these positions as well.
Also, we will have our short official annual meeting during the general SLUUG meeting on the 2nd Wednesday in February at Graybar. This is a formality in our bylaws. SLUUG is a 501(c)6 professional association corporation.
++ Posted 11 February 2018

All of our meetings are free and open to the public.

The complete SLUUG Google Calendar of all St. Louis Metro Area Computer Events is available here and also Google+.

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The complete SLUUG Google Calendar of all St. Louis Metro Area Computer Events is available here and also Google+.

General Meeting on Wednesday - 14 February 2018

The St. Louis Unix Users Group (SLUUG) general meetings are usually on the second Wednesday of each month.

We start the general meeting with a basic session (usually focused on personal commputing); which may include either amazing graphical packages, blinking lights, command line wonders, demonstrations of useful applications, displays of newly discovered web sites, major resolution of long standing anomalies, quantum discoveries, superb tutorials, or shifts in both time and space. Then we will have our usual quick welcome, introduction, administrative announcements, and a Questions and Answers Period. After all that, we take a break before our main event (usually focused on enterprise commputing).

Basic Session

The BASIC portion for February will be a tutorial about OEM Builds with Samba and SKEL by Stan Reichardt

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ...sometimes means the maker of a system that includes other companies' subsystems, an end-product producer, an automotive part that is manufactured by the same company that produced the original part used in the automobile's assembly, or a value-added reseller.

Some Linux distributions use an oem-config script that re-asks a number of questions that are normally asked during installation, and reconfigures the system accordingly. This allows a vendor to install a skeleton system, clone it onto a large number of machines, and ship it to end users, while still allowing end users to set up their own username and password, language, timezone, and so on.

Most of the LinuxMint distributions allow this process, and will be used in this session.


Stan Reichardt likes the Debian and LinuxMint MATE distributions of the Linux Operating System.

Main Event

The MAIN presentation for February is on Mirroring Installation Server by Joeseph (Joe B) Bohnenstiehl

Joe B decided to build a server to distribute the many files needed to download and install of CentOS. He will give us the report of his experience and suggested "best practice".

Interestingly, 3 wks ago, the topic at the Red Hat Linux User Grp was Satellite, the licensed, proprietary server of Red Hat updates. This is a good opportunity to compare these 2 related software projects!


When examined Joseph (Joe B) Bohnenstiehl is interesting and informative. Joe B is a former member of SLUUG's board of directors and long-time maintainer/SysAdmin of SLUUG's systems. He has years of experience on various hardware and OSes while based in Saint Louis.

++ Posted 11 February 2018

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