Foil 16 - Sources of further information

  - SHELLdorado, extensive links to related sites and an archive.
  - UNIX Bourne Shell Programming, a 300 page course.
  - Advanced Bash-Scripting HOWTO
  - BASH Programming - Introduction HOWTO

At the St. Louis County Library (SLCL):
   Linux and UNIX shell programming / David Tansley
   The Korn shell : user and programming manual / Anatole Olczak

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There are many other web sites and books available. With the aging of Bourne shell and growth of enhanced versions, such as Korn or Bash, any resource for one will generally be valid for Bourne as long as advanced features are ignored.

Bourne shell was originated by Stephen R. Bourne.

Unix is a Four Letter Word... and Vi is a Two Letter Abbreviation.

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